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Arabic and islamic terms in Dune


Aba - loose robe worn by woman

adab - the demanding memeory that comes upon you of itself

allat - sun; preislamic goddess (perhaps equated with the Greek Aphrodite or Latin Venus)

alam al mithal - the mystical world of similitudes where all physical limitations are removed

aql - test of reason; logic, reason

auliya - an ally (of god), god's handmaiden

ayat - the signs of life

baklawa - pastry that is made with syrup or sugar

baraka - blessing; living holy man of magical power

bled - flat and open desert

belad - countries

burhan - proofs of life

caid - commander, chief

crysknife - sacred knif

dar al hikman - house of wisdom

el-sayal - rain of sand

erg - extensive dune area or sea of sand

feday(k)in - death commando

fiqh - religipis law, understanding

ghola - clone, derived from ghoul

gom jabbar - in the form al jabbar, jabbar is a name of god

haji - holy journey

hajra - journey of seeking

hal yawm - now at last! or simply today

jarj - desert migration, confusion

ichwan bedwine - ichwan: brotherhood, bedwine: bedouin

ijaz - prophecy

ilm - science

jihad - holy war

karma - a miracle (in islam only if a prophet is involved)

khala - empty space

kiswa - story from mythology

kitab al ibar - kitab: book, ibar: stories with a moral meaning

kwisatz haderach - shortening of the way, kwisatz/kfitz: jumping over the way

lisan al gaib - offworld prophet (islam: only god knows what is hidden in the future)

mahdi - the rightly guided one

maula - slave

misr - the people

mu zin wallah - mu zin: never good, wallah: reflexive term exclamcation ´i swear by allah´

muad dib - mouse, as mu adbib teacher

mudir nahya - demon ruler

naib - leader, member of parliaments

padishah - chief ruler, sovereign

qanat - shaft of spear

quizara tafwid - tafwid: to delegate

ramadhan - religiois period marked by fasting and prayer

safra - act of turning away from god. safra: abandoning

sayyadina - sayyed: master, female acolyte, perhaps: the friend of god

shai hulud - shai: thing, hulud: eternal

shaitan - the devil

sharia - religiois rules

sietch - name of the ancient desert town petra

shihaya - the paradise to come

subakh/sabah ul/el kuhar/kheir - are you well?

subakh/sabah un/el nar/nour - i am well, and you?

thaddi al burhan - challenge of the proof

taqwa - piety

ulema - scientists

umma - nation or peoples, a tribe

usul - bases, plural of asul


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